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From garbage pull outs to pantry pull out storage, we offer the best crafted storage systems you can buy.

  • All systems can be made of solid wood such as birch or maple.

  • We can also utilize Russian Birch Plywood to keep things more cost effective for your needs.

  • All systems utilize Blum Drawer slides to give you the best possible function for any need.


Meticulous Wood Selection

We take wood selection very seriously at nc furniture & Design. Every piece of lumber is inspected for quality assurance. We carefully hand select our wood from the finest selection of each wood species. All of our lumber is locally purchased and kiln dried.


Construction Standards

  • Face frames are hand glued and Doweled together, adding strength and durability.

  • We only use cabinet grade plywood for box construction.

  • Exposed sides are ¾” Domestic Plywood.

  • All furniture end exposed sides are tongue and grooved hardwood frames with panels attached to the cabinet.

  • Utilizing 1/2" plywood backs allows for a sturdier and cost effective cabinet.

  • 3" support braces are used for structural support along the front and back of the top of each cabinet.


Cabinetry Drawers

When you open your cabinetry, we expect you to find the same quality in the cabinet drawers as we place in your cabinet box.

  • We offer all species of solid wood for the construction of your drawer boxes.

  • Options of either 1/4" - 3/8" drawer bottoms. This allows you to make the most cost effective decisions.

  • Half blind dovetailed drawer boxes for superior long lasting durability and unmatched look.


Slides & Hinges

At nc furniture & design, we use nothing but the best for our cabinetry, as well as our cabinetry mechanisms.

  • Blum undermount full extension soft close drawer slides

    • They are an innovative technology that works for perfect movement of our cabinetry drawers.

  • European Blum  hinges for any angle. 

    • Blum hinges allow for a soft close and discreet look.

  • See the links for more information on our drawer slides and hinges.

Finishing Process

Our facility is set up with the best HVLP spray systems for clear and lacquer paint. Along with an 1500 square foot finishing booth and large exhaust system to make sure the products we finish produces the best final result. This allows us to do large  finishing jobs without worrying about dust contamination.

  • We begin by sanding each cabinet to perfection

  • After applying stain, we make sure to spray a sanding sealer to capture the beauty of the wood.

  • The cabinets are then hand sanded and an application of finishing lacquer coat is applied

  • Hand sanded again to ensure a smooth finish, a second and final application of cabinet grade lacquer  is applied to insure the finish lasts a lifetime.

  • When spraying paint, we use the same steps for finishing with clear lacquer, Utilizing 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finished paint, making sure to sand in between each coat.